The 22 Greatest Disaster Movies of All Time

mercredi 3 juin 2015

The Perfect Storm, 2000 | Image: Warner Bros.

The folks at NYMag's Vulture have focused on the disaster movie genre for this article in which they list their picks for the "22 Greatest Disaster Movies of All Time.The scope is seemingly as large as some of the disasters it mentions, considering it takes into account all productions in the history of film and also its definition of disaster is wide. 

Take a moment to think of some of your favorite disaster movies and then check out the list to see if they placed and if so, where they fell on the list. If you're so inclined, mention in comments any films you think have been mistakenly passed over, or any that in your opinion don't deserve to have a position in the grouping.


The 22 Greatest Disaster Movies of All Time

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