Hunting Club-Azure Ratheos - Duck Hunters Need Not Apply

jeudi 28 mai 2015

Hunting Club- Azure Ratheos by Adam Works

Monster hunters must feel no fear as they stalk their gargantuan prey, because fear makes you sloppy. Whether you've chosen the path of a Blademaster, or prefer to rain hellfire upon your prey as a Gunner, you must steel your nerves as you make your way into the wilds, because many monsters can smell fear. Once you've taken down a few hulking monsters, like the mighty Ratheos or the savage Lagiacruz, you'll learn to control your fear and fight as if deal with giant monsters every day of your life.

Get all geared up for your next gaming session with this Hunting Club- Azure Ratheos t-shirt by Adam Works, a wearable trophy that shows the world you're not to be messed with!

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Hunting Club-Azure Ratheos - Duck Hunters Need Not Apply

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