Longue Vie Et Prosperite - An Alien Learns To Appreciate Fine Art

jeudi 28 mai 2015

Longue Vie Et Prosperite by Gilles Bone

Vulcans never fully appreciated fine art until the day Spock saw an Impressionist painting in person during a trek to Smithsonia-9. That painting changed his life, and the inherent beauty brushed into the painting by the artist's adept hands made Spock understand why humans had been bragging about art for millennia. Soon Spock had his own collection of paintings, but nothing seemed to speak to him like that Impressionistic work, so he scoured Federation databases searching for a star painter from whom he could commission a painting of his very own...

Bring some out of this world artistry to your geeky wardrobe with this Longue Vie Et Prosperite t-shirt by Gilles Bone, it's one far out way to show love for your favorite sci-fi franchise.

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Longue Vie Et Prosperite - An Alien Learns To Appreciate Fine Art

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