Fictional TV Towns Where the Most Crime Occurs

lundi 1 juin 2015

Sometimes it’s the small towns that end up having the most crime, all out of proportion to the population. Where does this happen? TV, of course! If you live in a small community but happen to be a superhero, detective, vampire, or a criminal, you can bet that your local, police blotter does not resemble any real small town. And that applies even if your world is a largish town or a small city. Case in point: Charming, California, a contemporary dystopia if there ever was one.

Has there ever been a more violent town on TV than Sons of Anarchy‘s Charming? If there has been, I don’t think I’ve seen it. Drug smuggling, gun deals, and lots and lots of killing were seen on a consistent basis throughout Sons‘ seven-season run on FX, and a good bit of it all was perpetuated by members of SAMCRO themselves. Thankfully, even though it had been his hometown for all his life, Jax understood that Charming was too dangerous of a place for his kids to grow up and finally sent them off to live a better, safer life in the show’s series finale.

But is this the most disproportionately crime-ridden fictional town? Maybe not. There are quite a few other fictional towns listed at Housely that might give them run for the money. Try to guess which towns are on the list before you check it out.   

Fictional TV Towns Where the Most Crime Occurs

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